About Us

    Bliss Radio is a multichannel, personalize Internet radio property specifically designed to visualize the potential of the exciting new medium of Internet radio.

    Bliss Radio is an Internet radio station designed suitable for all ages with sophisticated musical tastes. We have unique listener’s traffic each month across our platform.

    Bliss Radio is a haven for everyone who are trying to overcome the loneliness in their daily life while working away from their love one. With carefully chosen of songs by our Live DJ it gives a moment of happiness to all.

    Bliss Radio has been carefully build to help listener’s discover new music, help musicians gain new fans, and help record companies sell music:

    We give exposure and airplay to dozens genres of music and thousands of artists that virtually never receive AM/FM radio airplay.

    We constantly display the title and artist and album name for the song that's playing in our website.

    Bliss Radio support local artist, an individual who love singing and deejaying. We are a free community who serve mostly OFW friends across the globe.


    Bliss Radio was stablished Last April 2013 with the name of My Love Radio. By the end of April 2016 the founder created a new name which is now a Bliss Radio. By the end of April 2017 the My Love Radio website and domain completely down focus in Bliss Radio.  

    Radio Player

    TIME (GMT+8)
    DJ’s NAME
    DJ’s NAME
    00 - 02
    DJ Jazz
    12 - 14
    DJ Hunter
    02 - 04
    DJ Simple
    14 - 16
    04 - 06
    DJ Lyrics
    16 - 18
    DJ Charm
    06 - 08
    18 - 20
    DJ Princess
    08 - 10
    20 - 22
    DJ Gouko
    10 - 12
    DJ Wins
    22 - 24
    DJ Spidey
    NOTE: If DJ's not available, available dj’s can occupy the time if possible.
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